Application Process

Application Process

Firstly, the employer must file Form I-140, which is an immigration petition for Alien Worker on the applicant’s behalf. Employers must prove their continuing ability to pay the offered wage as current with the priority date. They must pay you that wage until you are able to get a permanent resident status. An annual report, federal income tax return, or an audited financial statement should be presented as acceptable evidence. To petition on your behalf, the employer must complete the following procedures:

Eligibility Application

Online EB-3 Application

Approved /Interview Scheduled/ Denial by sponsor company

Invoice create and paid

Sign the Contract

File PERM Application by Employer

Obtain an approved application for Permanent Labor Certification from the concerned country’s Department of Labor (DOL).


Retain a Labor Certification (Form ETA-9089), showing no other Americans are willing or qualified to fill the position.

Sign and file the Form I-140.

Once the USCIS receives the Form I-140, the petition will be processed and then the employer will get confirmation that it was received. The employer will also be notified of a decision.

Application for Adjustment of Status (Apply I-485) or Visa Application at NVC (DS-260 form)

Green Card Interview or Visa Appointment at Local Embassy

Green Card Approved / Visa Approved

Note: No Employer will receive any form of money or payment for sponsoring the employee.